Guide for Online Pokies Free Spins in NZ

Guide for Online Pokies Free Spins in NZ

New Zealand is home to a booming gambling industry. Gambling is taken seriously and has been part of the country since the nineteenth century. Before this time, wagers were placed on athletic games, and players played card games. However, the most popular option was horse betting, and it became more popular during the first official competition in 1835.

Slots machines, commonly referred to as pokies by Australian and New Zealand gaming community, were introduced in 1987. These machines were operated by charitable foundations and were in hotels and bars. Although online pokies were launched in the 20th century, pokies have already become the most popular casino game in the New Zealand gambling space and the world.

A significant twist took place in 2003. New pokie machines were introduced in some of the largest casinos in Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch, Hamilton, and others. This move caught people’s attention and led to more people interested in the game. However, NZ pokies witnessed a shift with the internet, with more exciting games for fans to choose from.

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As a new player, free spins are the best option for you because you can try out different pokies without risking too much from your money and maybe even win real money.

NZ$1,000 200 Free Spins On Gonzo’s Quest
NZ$1,100 375 Free Spins On Book of Dead
NZ$1,600 80 Free Spins On Mega Moolah
NZ$1,200 88 Free Spins On Classic Sevens

Brief history

History is fascinating. The pokie machines have had a series of innovations over the years. Charles Augustus Fey is known for designing what we would call the modern pokie machine in 1899. Interestingly, the first coin-operated machine was built by Fey in 1894. Fey’s initial design had a single payline and needed an attendant to handle the payout.

Gustav Fredrich Wilhelm upgraded the machine, referred to it as the Horseshoe Slot Machine. An automatic payout mechanism was included in his design. The game became incredibly popular when Fey did a modified version of the Horseshoe, which he called the Liberty Bell Machine. Essentially, liberty bells were featured as symbols in the first slot game, hence the name. This innovation was able to payout coins.

3 reel pokie machine

How Pokies Work

Pokies are gambling machines with a screen showing a couple of reels that spin when activated. The activation is done with a lever which is now replaced by a built-in random number generator, producing thousands of possibilities when the button is pressed. Payout is designed according to the symbols displayed when the reels come to a halt.

Furthermore, the machines randomly pick a result from the multiple possibilities. You should know that it takes any credit-bets. Also, it determines what position the symbols or numbers take, which is always different from every other outcome. Credits are paid if a win is determined. The machines keep generating outcomes if no win is produced.

pokies free spins What You Need To Know

There are a few concepts or terms you need to understand before playing pokies. These terms are simple but would mean a great deal on your gambling adventure. Here, we would give a breakdown of some of these terms online pokie players should be familiar with.


Paylines describe the maximum number of winning combinations available on a pokie machine. In essence, a payline refers to any combination of symbols that gives a win. pokie machines such as the Vintage Pub Fruities offer just a handful, while modern-day pokie machines can offer many more paylines, several hundred.

After each spin is completed, a check is carried out for a line of 3 or more symbols along the lines. Additionally, paylines don’t have to be straight lines from left to right. They can be straight lines in any direction, zigzag, or even diagonal across the slot.

Special Symbols

Symbols are unique and are characterized based on the theme of the pokie. We can also refer to them as individual images, characters, card suits, etc., combined to create the reels. Special symbols (same symbols) are lined up to form a winning combination, creating a payout for the player. Classic symbols include bells, fruits, stylized lucky sevens, and many others. Interestingly, some of these special symbols have multiple uses. 


In an easy-to-learn definition, scatter symbols are special symbols that pay anywhere on the screen. Essentially, there are no requirements regarding where they appear on a payline or reel. An example is the Pyramid symbols on the Queen of the Nile. Sometimes, pokies are designed with a designated scatter. In this scenario, bonus features such as multipliers and free spins are triggered when such symbols appear.


Wilds are also symbols for unlocking jackpots and bonus games. However, the term symbolizes special symbols that can be substituted for any other symbol to aid the player in creating an ideal winning combination. It is also possible for the wild symbol to act as a multiplier.

Wilds symbols are of various types. Stacked wilds, shifting wilds, sticky wilds, and expanding wilds are several wild symbol forms. These forms work differently but are used for the same purpose, substituting for other special symbols.

Slot ScreenshotOnline Slot GameReelsPaylinesSoftware
Mega Moolah Slot ScreenshotMega Moolah525Microgaming
Gonzos Quest Slot ScreenshotGonzo’s Quest520NetEnt
Book of Dead Slot ScreenshotBook of Dead510Play'n Go
9 Masks of Fire slot screenshot9 Masks of Fire520Microgaming
Starburst slot screenshotStarburst510NetEnt
Book of Oz Slot screenshotBook of Oz510Microgaming

RNG (Random Number Generator)

A sequence of symbols or numbers that can’t be reasonably predicted is generated utilizing an RNG. The random number generation holds patterns observable in hindsight but unpredictable to foresight. There is no cycle it follows but an algorithm. However, neither the casinos nor players can predict the algorithm. This is why fair play is consistent with online pokies. But when the spin is completed, the sequence would be shown on the screen for everyone to see.


Variance is a term associated with pokies. It is also referred to as volatility. Variance tells the player how risky a pokie game is to play. Additionally, variance is classed as low, medium, or high. A low variance pokie game poses less risk of a loss than a high variance game. However, high rewards are tied to games with high variance.

Now, a player can decide to play gently or go all in, risk more to win more. Regardless, the house always has the edge, which does not translate as being impossible to win. We want to help balance your entertainment value against your bankroll.

Types of pokies free spins

Interestingly, there is a wide variety of pokies games available in land-based casinos and online. This is a guarantee that every player would find, at least, a game he loves. To broaden your understanding, here, we would go through the different types of pokies providing facts about them.

3-reel pokies

Classic 3-reel pokies

3-reel pokies are the simplest pokies designed from traditional mechanical gaming machines. They are the first online pokies registered in bars and classic pokies. Essentially, they offer players three reels and a single payline, having six to twelve winning combinations. However, you can also find modern 3-reel pokies with three or five paylines and features like wild symbols, bonus levels, and multipliers.

3-reel pokies are completely interactive and easy to play. Here is a quick look at how to play a general 3-reel poker game:

  • Load a game
  • Place a bet
  • Spin the reels by clicking the spin button
  • Look at the payline for matching symbols
  • Check out for special symbols
  • Collect your winnings
5-reel pokies

Video pokies and 5-reel pokies

First, don’t get it twisted. 5-reel pokies are also referred to as video pokies. They are graphical representations that incorporate ambient sound effects, traditional slots machines, multipliers, and special features. Also, they provide extra ways to win compared to the 3-reel pokies with nine paylines.

Players get a minimum of five paylines. Modern games have up to 3125 winning ways. With the 5-reel, you can place more bets than 3-reel pokies. Symbols are permitted to appear anywhere on the screen as long as one symbol in each reel aligns for a payout. Also, one significant feature of the 5-reel pokie is bonus rounds, video animations, 3D graphics that are not found in 3-reel pokie games.

Progressive Jackpots slot

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are interesting and also easy to understand. Ideally, they are jackpots whose grand prize or payout increases every time the game is played but not won. In essence, each time the game is played, the payout increases by a small predetermined amount. If the jackpot is won, then a reset is made to a predetermined value for the next jackpot.

There are many slot machines and video poker machines with this progressive jackpot feature available at land-based and online casinos. Examples of such games include Mega Moolah by Microgaming, Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold, Queen of the Pyramids, Jackpot Pinatas, etcetera.

Certainly, making a win at any progressive jackpot game is life-changing. However, few players would make the win. Most times, players don’t make a win in their lifetime. If you consider gambling as entertainment and you have the money to play, by all means, try it out.

How to Find the Right Pokie for You

As earlier mentioned, there are several pokie games to select regardless of how much you know about the game. Some are quite easy to understand. All that is needed is to spin and check out the payline for the outcome. Others are a bit complex but are still playable by advanced players.

If you are kicking off a gambling adventure on pokies, it is important, to begin with some beginner classes. You can work your way to the top using every strategy you learn in your journey.

On selecting pokie games, you can lookout for a game with a lovely theme. With lots of games come many themes ranging from pop culture references to Egyptian mythology themes. Each game tells a story. Trust us when we tell you that every player has a pokie that fits them like a glove.

Some pokies are as straightforward as could be – you spin the reels and you either win or not. Others, features special in-game levels and special games. Some pokies consist of a ‘story’ – just like a video game – where you spin the reels to go through levels and move through the story. Choosing an online pokie is just like choosing any other game – and NZ online casino lovers have plenty of options to choose from.

If you are a professional player and want a chance to land a massive payout, progressive jackpots would be a good try.

pokies free spins Conclusion

In conclusion, the best New Zealand online casinos have an insane variety to choose of pokies to choose from, and it’s up to you to find a pokie game that you enjoy playing. You would come across many classics to steppers and video pokies and progressive jackpots. These games serve your entertainment desire or add to your bankroll. For more entertainment, ensure the pokie has a story behind it or a theme you enjoy.

It is important to play responsibly. Set a limit amount to bet. Ensure you don’t go overboard. This would guarantee you an exciting gambling adventure coupled with great fun.