What is the Legal Status of Online Gambling in NZ?

New Zealand strongly regulates online gambling not for consumers, but operators and owners. It is legal to play at approved international internet-based casinos or betting rooms. This is because according to Kiwi law, it is illegal for gamer’s to gamble at online casinos based in the island country.

Can I Pay with NZD at Online Casinos?

Yes, many online casinos accept NZD. This typically means that you do not have to worry about exchange rates and associated fees when depositing bet money or withdrawing winnings because you can select New Zealand dollars as the preferred currency you want to use at the casino.

How to check if an Online Casino is Safe?

To know if an online casino is safe, you must check its license and the bodies that regulate operations. It is also important to look at the casino software companies the casino partners with. Going through the terms and conditions a casino puts in place can also help vet its legitimacy.

Do I need to Pay Taxes on my Online Casino Winnings?

The Inland Revenue Department does not state that casual Kiwi players will be taxed; thus, you do not have to pay taxes on your winnings. Only professional gamblers will be taxed implying that the person does not have any other major income sources and the courts can prove this.

How can I Find the Best Casino for Me?

To find a casino best suited for you, take time to find out a couple of options available. Proceed to compare what they have to offer to identify the ones that meet your needs best. Reading reviews from other Kiwi gamer’s can also help you find a casino you will be happy with.