Welcome Bonuses Trending in 2020

We all know that one of the biggest advantages of gambling online is the various and widespread opportunities that online casino welcome bonuses have to gift us. The new year has been especially generous since technology has been in favour of mobile users, allowing them to access welcome bonuses. Since this advancement, there have been a great many additions in terms of new and inventive welcome bonuses. Here we take a look at the welcome bonuses that are trending in 2020.

Match Deposit Welcome Bonuses

One of the most common welcome bonus terms to be spotted in 2020 are the words ‘Match Deposit’. This welcome bonus was a major hit in 2019 and has seemed to infiltrate 2020, at least in the first quarter anyway. We have seen a great many notorious online casinos offering new members the opportunity to have their first deposit matched by up to 100% when they make a deposit of ‘X’ amount to the value stipulated by the casino.

In addition to other bonus offers, chances are incredibly high that players will most likely spot these match deposit bonus welcome offers, and no one is complaining.

Reload Matched Deposit Welcome Bonuses

Another popular welcome bonus, one to follow that of a match deposit offer, is a reload bonus. This is an offer by the casino that follows the first deposit and can carry into the third or fourth deposit. It works exactly the same as a match deposit offer but will either be 100%, 75% or 50% matched by the casino on the second offer. This means that after a player has made an initial deposit, upon placing their second deposit of ‘X’ amount to the value of ‘X’ amount stipulated by the casino, the casino will again match this by 75%. The third reload bonus may, and usually is, matched by 50% followed by the fourth deposit bonus which is again matched by 50%. These reload bonuses are incredibly popular amongst players as they are the most value for money you will find as a returning player to one online casino.

Free Spins Welcome Bonuses

One welcome bonus, popular amongst slots enthusiasts or players seeking out the latest slot releases, is a free spin welcome bonus. This is also one of the oldest tricks in the hat to get players to sign and explore the casino, also one of the most successful welcome offers. It’s probably also the reason why free spins welcome bonuses are trending in 2020. Players are welcomed into the bosom of the casino, showered with luxurious free spins which allows them to tour the casino whilst winning money. What players need to know about this welcome bonus is that there are wagering requirements when attempting to withdraw winnings earned, but this is more of a bonus to give players the opportunity to have fun and explore simultaneously.

All bonuses are accompanied by wagering requirements so players shouldn’t be deterred by the fact, what you should be doing is taking advantage of this trend as it is one of the most trending ones of 2020.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

And another 2019 hit to flow into casinos going into 2020 are no deposit free spins bonus offers. Unlike most online casinos, there are the select few that don’t require any wagering requirements when players begin playing. These, unfortunately, aren’t either accompanied by any free spins or match deposit bonuses. The novelty is a fine one for those seeking out immediate gameplay and wishes to reap rewards without getting free spins or free casino cash. No deposit bonuses have been exclusively tailored for high rollers and loyal members as they plan to make their profit elsewhere.

Combined Package Welcome Bonuses

Then you get combined packaged welcome bonuses. This may be an offer such as a match deposit bonus coupled with a reload bonus offer. In some instances, it may be an offer for no deposit bonus with a free spins offer, the best kind of bonus if you will!

All of these bonus offers are rewarding and as a result, they have become the latest 2020 trends, the ideal offer players seek out to better their gaming experience.